Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Richmond VA can add value to your home and improve your lifestyle. Choose a contractor who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Changing the layout of your bathroom requires major changes to plumbing and electrical structures, which means stripping down to the studs. It is important to plan ahead before starting this project.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are many factors to consider. Some will affect the cost of your remodel, including the size of your bathroom, what type of amenities you want to add, and the materials you choose. A larger space will cost more to renovate than a smaller one. In addition, more expensive materials will increase the cost of your remodel.

Hiring a professional contractor is the best option if you want to avoid costly mistakes and get the results you desire. A skilled contractor will understand your design needs and work within your budget to give you the bathroom of your dreams. However, hiring a contractor is not cheap and can add up to 20% of the total cost of your project.

One of the most significant factors that determines how much a bathroom remodel will cost is the scope of the project. For example, if you are replacing old fixtures with newer models, you might be able to reduce costs by installing energy-efficient light fixtures and low-flow water heaters. Alternatively, you might need to replace older plumbing pipes or reroute electrical wiring, which will add to the overall cost of your project.

Other hidden costs to consider include the costs of unforeseen repairs and replacements. Since a lot of plumbing and electrical is concealed behind walls in moist locations, it is possible for problems to go undetected until after the renovation is completed. It is a good idea to set aside 10-15% of your total project costs for unexpected expenses.

A full bathroom remodel is a complex project that involves structural changes, major plumbing work, and a new floor plan. It is important to have a clear vision of the project before you begin. It is also a good idea to hire a professional designer to help you with the planning process.

Depending on the scope of the remodel, you might need to hire additional professionals, such as an electrician or plumber. These professionals can help you save money by providing discounts on materials and preventing costly mistakes. They can also advise you on the right type of fixture to fit your budget.


Before beginning your remodel, it is a good idea to create a floor plan of your existing bathroom and one of the new designs you’re considering. This will help you illustrate and communicate exactly what you want from the space. It will also make it easier for contractors to work within your budget.

You can use RoomSketcher to design a floor plan of your bathroom or you can ask a professional designer to help you with the layout of your space. You’ll need to consider how you will move through the space each day, and how you’ll fit your fixtures and accessories into it. For example, if you have an awkwardly shaped room with lots of nooks and crannies, you’ll need to carefully think about the best way to fit your bathroom furniture into it.

Another important consideration is the amount of storage you’ll need. You’ll need to consider where you’ll store your toiletries, towels and linens, and how much cabinet space you’ll need to keep everything neat and tidy. It’s also worth taking into account the overall size of your bathroom and how many people will be using it at once. For example, a full bath is usually used by multiple people, so you’ll need to take into account their needs when designing the layout.

It’s also important to think about the ambiance of your bathroom, and how the lighting can affect the feel of the space. For example, a dimming feature for the main lights can set the mood for the space and help you to relax. You can also add recessed lighting around the mirror to improve the brightness of the light and make it easier to do tasks like applying makeup or shaving.

It’s also important to note that the overall style of your bathroom can have a big impact on its resale value. Choose a style that’s timeless and classic, so it won’t date or look out of place in the future. You can also add finishing touches to help accentuate your chosen style, such as matching soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and wastebaskets.


The materials you choose for your bathroom remodel will have the biggest impact on the cost and aesthetics of the project. You’ll need durable surfaces that can withstand high moisture levels and frequent cleanings. The right materials will also improve the comfort and safety of your bathroom.

The first step in selecting the right bathroom materials is defining your design and style preferences. This can be done by evaluating your personal tastes and assessing the needs of your family.

In addition to your design preferences, you’ll need to consider practical matters, such as storage and space. This will determine what features you need to include in your remodel, such as shelving or a linen closet. You may also want to add a vanity or a freestanding tub to your bathroom.

Flooring is another important consideration, as it will be constantly exposed to moisture. Tile is an excellent choice because it resists mold and mildew and is easy to clean. Vinyl, hardwood or cork are good alternatives as well, but you’ll need to apply a waterproof sealant.

Walls should be water-resistant, too, as they’re susceptible to rot and mildew. Cement board is a great option for shower and bathtub walls, but you can also use drywall. In either case, you should apply a waterproofing membrane like Redgard to protect your underlying structure.

Countertops are another essential feature to consider in your bathroom remodeling, as they must withstand high moisture and heavy usage. Natural stone is a popular choice for countertops because it is beautiful and long-lasting. Quartz is another excellent choice because it’s less porous and doesn’t need to be sealed. You can also find a wide range of colors and styles for quartz countertops.

Cabinets are an integral part of your bathroom’s structure and should be watertight. Plywood, solid wood or medium-density fiberboard are all good options for cabinets. They’ll be the most resistant to humidity and moisture, as opposed to particleboard, which can swell or damage quickly.

A new toilet is a great way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom, and it’s also a necessity for increased safety and efficiency. In addition, you can upgrade the sink faucets and other fixtures to enhance your bathroom’s luxury feel.


The fixtures used in your bathroom can make a big difference in the room’s style. From towel rods to bathtubs, there are countless options available for all types of homes. In addition to their aesthetic, fixtures should also be able to perform well. For example, a high-quality toilet may use less water and waste than a lower-grade model. It’s also important to choose fixtures that are compatible with your existing plumbing system. In some cases, you’ll need to resize your water lines, which can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the project.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make during bathroom remodeling is skimping on the budget for fixtures. This can cost you in both the short and long run. A good rule of thumb is to spend about 20% of your overall budget on fixtures and materials. You should also consider the cost of installation and delivery when choosing fixtures. Lastly, it’s a good idea to shop around and compare prices before making any final decisions.

While there are many different fixture styles and finishes to choose from, you should stick with a consistent look throughout the space. This will create a more cohesive and attractive finish. Some common choices include chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished nickel. Some of these finishes work well in both traditional and modern designs. Others pair better with contemporary styles, such as brushed nickel or satin nickel.

The tub and shower are the focal points of any bathroom, so it’s important to consider your options carefully. For tubs, you can choose from luxury soaking tubs or space-saving shower-tub combos. You can also opt for a rain showerhead or hand showers with body jets for a spa-like experience. Additionally, there are plenty of water-efficient options, including WaterSense-qualified showerheads.

Regardless of the style you choose, it’s important to have enough lighting. Proper lighting is critical to functionality and ambiance. It’s best to use a mix of task, accent, and ambient lighting, and to place it on dimmer switches.

Finally, don’t forget to incorporate Universal Design into your remodel. This will help ensure that your home can continue to serve you as you age. This includes simple features like recessed canister lights and space-saving storage solutions, as well as more complex options such as grab bars and curbless showers.